Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Tasty Words: The Dream Package for (Wannabe) Food Writers at LitFest

There's never been a better time for those who want to write. You can just tap away on your keyboard or iPhone, and publish it immediately - on a blog, on Facebook, or email it to an editor. Anyone anywhere can write about what they're passionate about.

And it's so great that a lot of people have got that message - there really is some incredible stuff out there... but there's  also a lot that "needs more work".

LitFest is a haven for writers, wannabe writers, bloggers, journalists, food photographers. We celebrate food, books and words. Here's just a taste of what we have in store:

Food styling and photography  Donal Skehan, Nessa Robins, Simon Hopkinson will be in conversation with Rachel Allen, all of whom have published beautifully illustrated cookery books. They'll be discussing the ins and outs of food photography for recipe books.

Donal Skehan will also be running a food photography workshop - which is completely sold out.

Food and Wine Blogging with Lilly Higgins, Sharon Bowers, Tom Doorley, Caroline Hennessey, Tom Parker Bowles, Nessa Robins, Donal Skehan  in conversation with David Prior will be discussing the ups and downs of food and wine blogging, sharing their experience and plenty of tips along the way. 

We're celebrating food writing of generations past - with Tom Doorley and John McKenna in conversation with Jill Norman celebrating the Writing of Elizabeth David. As well as encouraging the writers of the next generation through a competition run in all the local schools, where budding young food writers are asked to write a short story or a poem about a local food producer.

And for those writing now, we have a wonderful full day creative writing course on food and memoir run by UCC, which has totally sold out.

This is the dream package for wannabe food writers. Thinking back to when I was starting out in food writing, I cringe at my early attempts. I would have been so thrilled if this sort of information and insight had been out there to inspire me and help me on my way.

So grab your opportunity - you'd be wise to book - there may be some tickets on the day - but don't risk missing something, because, as you can see, events are selling out fast.


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