Wednesday 29 April 2015

No Phones Please... We're Eating

Look around you in any restaurant you go to. How many phones do you see?

It seems now that many diners seem to find it impossible to be parted from their smart phones during lunch and dinner. It's not just taking photos of the food (of which I'm certainly guilty) but tweeting, texting, Instagramming...

In desperation a growing  number of pubs are tempting clients with free pints in exchange for confiscating their iPhones for a couple of hours in an effort to bring back the craic and redeem the art of conversation.

Apparently some cool, hip getaways are advertising internet-free hotels and restaurants as a bonus and unique selling point for tormented execs and super cool techies!

On a slightly different note, a friend who attended a photography conference in the UK recently just managed to get last minute accommodation in what he described as a lousy hotel with lousy food. But to top it all, each table in the dining room had its own TV and earphones - how sad and scary is that?

Where will it all end?