Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Post LitFest Blues...

The LitFest was such a blast - the whole event went into orbit! We'd been hoping for 2,500-3000 people over the weekend, but in the end over 8,000 people showed up. We were really lucky with the weather and the whole event took on a life of its own. The Fringe in the Big Shed drew huge crowds wanting to soak up the festival atmosphere. We're still getting so much wonderful feedback ... and recovering... hence my silence!

The speakers all loved the carefree Ballymaloe LitFest experience, being able to wander around and meet people and each other - many had never been to Ireland before.... but certainly plan to come back!

We'd been tossing up about whether it would be an annual or biennial event, but as a result of the  overwhelmingly positive feedback, we've decided to do it again next year!

Plans are well underway, Ballymaloe already had a wedding booked over the May Bank Holiday Weekend - so we've opted the 16-18th May 2014 instead.

Diana Kennedy from Mexico and Maggie Beer from Australia have already enthusiastically accepted an invitation to join us, as have Sami and Yotam from Ottolenghi.

So pop the date in your diary and watch this space!


  1. I only made it on the Saturday, but really enjoyed the atmosphere. Got to meet Donal Skehan and watch him do his outside demo for Kitchen Hero & even appeared right at the end of the lit fest episode of Kichen Hero! Already looking forward to Lit Fest 2014 & before then your Garden Festival.

  2. Thanks Tracy - so glad you made it!

  3. Very excited! Date in the diary already and looking forward to May 2014.

  4. Will be great to see you there again, Caroline.